Bug fix #01

Alright, first bug fix wich will make the game even better !

- Fixed colors (somes clients had the same color as other elements (background), now you should see them correctly !)
- Fixed ending text (there is 5 endings and not only 2 : 3 bad endings and 2 "good" endings)
- Fixed client's tastes (giving every clients just a hot chocolate made them happy ! There were missing a condition to check if they totaly like the meal or not...)
- Fixed client's panel (you could click on a client, talk with him, close, re-open the window and them talk with him again. Same with baking meal. Now you can't cheat by doing this, sorry !)
- Fixed dialogue speed (if you don't want to read what you should read)

Also keep in mind that you must RIGHT click on clients !! Left click on them will do... Nothing.

(please note that only the webgl version is bug-fixed, other versions (windows, windows x 64, mac os x and linux) are not bug-fixed !!)

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